Why Do We Need An Audit In Iowa?

Even though our laws are tighter than most States, including maintaining paper ballots, voter ID etc, we have two issues that need to be addressed:

Absentee voting is a recipe for fraud. Some countries don’t even allow for absentee voting. In addition, same-day registration and possible corrupt county officials create opportunities to pass off fake applications as legitimate.

All three voting machine manufacturers used in Iowa (9 counties use Dominion, 24 counties use ES&S and 66 counties use Unisyn) are capable of being connected to the internet. Connection can be with or without the knowledge of the government and volunteer staff that use them. Unisyn is owned by a Chinese company and for years, China has been embedding circuits and bits of software in order to provide backdoor access to the CCP. That is a national security risk in and of itself.

The bottom line is, we don’t know what has been happening because we haven’t looked. It’s time to audit Iowa elections.

Here is a video from Matt Braynard, founder of LookAheadAmerica.org on the subject of Ghost or Phantom voting

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