AZ Audit Debrief Part 2 — From An IT Guru

Dear Iowan Legislators and Secretary of State Paul Pate,
You had your chance to come clean, instead, you tried in vain to gaslight us all when we demanded a full forensic audit of all 99 Counties in Iowa. You treated us like little children, not knowing whereof we speak and moved on.
Some of you told us, as Sen Grassley once wrote; “…the claims put forth by Mr. Lindell are false. There was no widespread conspiracy to deprive President Trump re-election though the manipulation of votes…
President Trump warned the swamp, “I caught them all” multiple times. Trump has been exposing corrupt politicians and how they do it, bit by bit from day one, and it will not be the last, as more damning truths will soon be revealed. Simply put, there will be no re-election for 90% of the politicians currently in office. They have failed to uphold their sacred oath to the Constitution and to We The People.
Read Parts 1 and 2 and weep; because after 24 September 2021, they no longer have a chance at political redemption.

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