Show support by purchasing a t-shirt or product. Like you, we love our country and would go broke trying to win her back. But, with Iowa patriots like you on our side, we won’t need to. T-shirt sales help us fund operational costs, maintain the site, print the petitions and mail them to politicians around the state. 

To help spread the word, consider printing a set of business cards (2″ x 3.5″ format) that when scanned will take people directly to the petition. Right-click the below images to download.

Scan QR Code – Front

Why Petition for Audit – Back

Help us spread the truth – all 50 states need to be audited – it’s the only way to keep our freedom. Engage with people everywhere and talk about it. Tell them about the petition and forward the link. To help us with comment/forum moderation, marketing and WordPress technical assistance/maintenance contact us here.

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