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1st Letter From AuditTheVoteIowa.com

Audit The Vote Iowa! If 2020 was clean, prove it.

Dear Representative/Senator,
In spite of the press spinning the Arizona audit as a wild goose chase, we the people of Iowa are seeing through the smoke and mirrors that our elections have been compromised for the past two decades with the assistance of voting machines produced by Dominion, ES&S and Unisyn. 

Suffice it to say, without going through all the details, we are aware that the 2002 Homeland Security Act specifically authorizes a consortium of voting machine makers to lead the way in “securing our elections.” In other words, we have the receipts (see annex below the break below) that show that ALL of the machines in Iowa are “licensed to steal election,” should the various County Auditors and Board of Supervisors opt to do so.

Please understand that this is NOT a partisan effort; we are well aware that both Republicans and Democrats have been actively involved in manipulating election results in Iowa going back decades. Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard, just to name a few have been robbed.  The time has come for these shenanigans to end and end it will. 

Nationwide, we have over 100,000 members in our chat groups and since we started just a few short weeks ago, the Iowa First Audit chat group has grown to over 1,300 with more by the score joining each day. 

Some of our members have reported hearing back from their various Representatives and Senators saying they don’t know too much about subject other than the election appears to have gone well and that perhaps questions might be referred to Secretary of State Paul Pate.  This is rather offensive, as the Constitution for the United State is clear in Article 1, Section 4;The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof;”  You need to be in front of this or else get run over by the Audit Train.

I am therefore writing to you to ask;

1) Will you stand with Iowans? Please support the call for a 100% forensic audit of Iowa’s 2020 elections in order for the people to be assured that their legal vote was accurately counted and faithfully recorded.  The results of the elections will provide the Legislature with the information needed to exercise their constitutional duty to ensure that future elections will be secured. So far, only one Iowan has committed to supporting this.

2) Will you accept Mike Lindell’s open invitation to attend his election fraud symposium in South Dakota Aug 10-13?
As of this morning, 30 States will be represented with over 300 members of legislature planning to be in attendance. So far, no Iowan has announced plans to attend.

The symposium will also be broadcast live on Lindell TV at Frankspeech.com.

As political writer, Brian Cates wrote Sunday evening, “Remember: If Lindell proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he has what he claims he does, it would instantly trigger the prescribed actions enumerated in this Executive Order that is still in force: https://www.govinfo.gov/content/pkg/FR-2018-09-14/pdf/2018-20203.pdf.  What prescribed actions, you ask? The ones listed here:
EO 46845
Do NOT be that Timid Politician, https://www.auditthevoteiowa.com/timid/.  The time for action is now.

In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.

—-MARK TWAIN, 1904

I look forward to your response and sharing with our audience.


AJ Foster (Quad Cities, IA)


From the research paper, Devolution Part 5 (https://patelpatriot.substack.com/p/devolution-part-5), written by Patel:

In 2003, President George W. Bush signed the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7 (HSPD-7) which replaced PDD-63 and established the U.S. National Policy for identification of and prioritization of critical infrastructure. HSPD-7 called for The National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) which aims to unify Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource (CI/KR) protection efforts across the country. The NIPP’s goals are to protect critical infrastructure and key resources and ensure resiliency. It was not an actual plan to be carried out in an emergency, but it was useful as a mechanism for developing coordination between government and the private sector.

The NIPP is structured to create partnerships between Government Coordinating Councils (GCC) from the public sector and Sector Coordinating Councils (SCC) from the private sector. I want to again emphasize that the SCCs are from the private sector.  The NIPP also discussed implementing “Advisory Councils” shown below. These councils have been used as a method to involve the private sector in matters of national security relating to critical infrastructure…

…Our Government knew there was a conflict of interest because they had to sign a waiver certifying they knew. Yet, the members of the EISCC who were the very companies used for basically every aspect of the 2020 election (machines, ballot printing, etc.) were also in charge of the “physical security, cyber security, and emergency preparedness of the nation’s election infrastructure” and they HAD NO OVERSIGHT.

Long story short, the Election Infrastructure Subsector Government Coordinating Council Charter is renewed every two years in order to allow the voting machine consortium to operate without government oversight.

Dominion Whistleblower – Admin Password Has Backdoor To Wi-Fi, https://www.auditthevoteiowa.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/08/Dominion-WB-AuditTheVoteIowa.mp4.  If this video doesn’t convince you that Iowa has a problem with its machines, then your voters have a problem with you as their elected and will remember this at your next primary.


Examine The Iowa Elections
Audit The Vote, Iowa! Spread the word
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