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As you may know, our legislature is meeting this Thursday, 28 October to vote on the 2nd version redistricting map. 

While there, they ought to dispense with the mask/vaccine mandate nonsense, once and for all.  Now is the time for our Timid Politicians to ignore their special interest lobbyists waving fistful of $$$ at and listen to the only special interest that matters, their constituents, We The Iowans.

And while they’re at it, they need to act to Fix 2020.  Fix 2020 by:
* Ordering the Secretary of State, all County Auditors and election officers to fully cooperate with our FOIA/RTK requests, such as historical voter rolls, for the purposes of canvassing.
* Invite the CyberNinjas, Jovan Pulitizer, Dr Shiva and other State and National voices for forensic audits to submit cost estimates for conducting a 100% forensic audit of all ballots cast.
* Use a portion of the budget surplus to fully fund the 99 Counties for the expense of implementing a 100% forensic audit.
* Seeing how people have already been laid off or fired from their jobs due to legislature’s inaction on blocking the vax mandates, temporarily hire the displaced individuals to assist in the audit.
So please call/email your legislators (contact list here) and urge them to take action on audits and to ban all mask and vaccine mandates.  Dr Fauci and the CDC/NIH are proven to not be credible authorities on a pseudo-pandemic they created.  Their willingness to inhumanely torture dogs and other animals, as well as a sordid history of secretly conducting experiments without the informed consent of their victims is being replicated by their constant pressure to vaccinate all Americans with an unproven vaccine.  We are not their guinea pigs.
I would urge you all to incorporate the “Letter from Iowans” (see below) into your email.

Iowa’s Grand Theft 2020 By County

Simply put, what we’ve endured since 2016 was a color revolution foisted upon President Trump and the nation as a whole by George Soros and the Deep State Swamp — both Democrats and RINOs.  Before diving into the Iowa data, I can’t emphasize enough that you need to get familiar with the Color Revolution Playbook.  Because only you, and other folks from a given county, are apt to be most familiar with the local politics and the subtle, and sometimes overt, “Color” changes that have taken place over the years of living and working there. 

It is your insight and knowledge of you particular county that will enable you to connect the dots of the playbook at work.  And by connecting those dots, it gives us all more of the “5Ws and H” (Who, What, Where, When, Why and How) to draw from in identifying the avenues of fraud that need to be eliminated in order to ensure a secure and fair election for all. 

For months, politicians have ignorantly told us that the machines, like Dominion do not have access to the internet.  But we have since found out that all other vendors offer the option as well.  So why would they offer it, knowing it jeopardizes election integrity?  Because those in control wanted it and are upset that their dirty secret is out.  Besides, a direct connection to the internet isn’t required, when thumbdrives stuck into a USB port works just as well.

With that out of the way, let’s proceed to see what Mike’s data gives us; first with the “intrusion” from outsiders, then the targeted County Auditor’s voting system.

Iowa’s Grand Theft Election 2020

A lot of people are looking at this backwards because they are fixated on the “Chinese hacking” stuff.  It’s not about fake votes injected into the digital vote totals from abroad as much as it is Trump votes removed at the local level by county officials — and then they had to make an equal # of Trump paper ballots disappear.

— Epoch Journalist and blogger, Brian Cates
Numbers don’t lie but liars use numbers to create their narrative.

Maricopa County Update: Fake News wants to focus on saying: ‘Maricopa County ended in an anti-climax Friday, with an official report declaring that Joe Biden received more ballots than Donald Trump.’

But, the devil is in the details. What if those accurately counted ballots are fake, just like our puppet media? Read more

AZ Audit Debrief Part 2 — From An IT Guru

Dear Iowan Legislators and Secretary of State Paul Pate,
You had your chance to come clean, instead, you tried in vain to gaslight us all when we demanded a full forensic audit of all 99 Counties in Iowa. You treated us like little children, not knowing whereof we speak and moved on.
Some of you told us, as Sen Grassley once wrote; “…the claims put forth by Mr. Lindell are false. There was no widespread conspiracy to deprive President Trump re-election though the manipulation of votes…
President Trump warned the swamp, “I caught them all” multiple times. Trump has been exposing corrupt politicians and how they do it, bit by bit from day one, and it will not be the last, as more damning truths will soon be revealed. Simply put, there will be no re-election for 90% of the politicians currently in office. They have failed to uphold their sacred oath to the Constitution and to We The People.
Read Parts 1 and 2 and weep; because after 24 September 2021, they no longer have a chance at political redemption.

AZ Audit Debrief Part 1 — From An Auditor Volunteer

Dear Iowa Politicians and Secretary of State Paul Pate,

You had your chance to come clean, instead, you tried in vain to gaslight us all when we demanded a full forensic audit of all 99 Counties in Iowa…
JD was a volunteer during the AZ Full Forensic Audit of Maricopa County’s 2020 elections. Now free of the NDA, he tells his story.
If you’re familiar with Twitter, you know that to tell a story, you have to do it in
Training was held in a group setting and led by a head contractor from Cyber Ninjas.

After introductions and general orientation (safety, legal, etc.), we were trained on the Physical Evaluation (PE) ballot evaluation process….

CDC Paying School Boards To Mask Our Kids!!!

Concerned mother follows the money and WOW! Illinois school gets 5 million to KILL your kids with V and masks. Illinoisans got 5 Billion!!! By what constitutional or legislative authority does CDC get to dispense money to school boards? This is bribery!

President Donald J Trump To Rally in Des Moines, 09 Oct 2021

President Donald Trump returns to Iowa in October to hold a rally in Des Moines.

Trump will speak at rally event to be held at the Iowa State Fairgrounds at 7 p.m. on Saturday, Oct. 9. Doors open at 2 p.m.

More information about the event can be found here.

Trump last visited Iowa for a rally in Dubuque in November 2020, two days before the presidential election.

To show your support for both Trump and this site, consider purchasing a T-shirt here, cause you’re not gonna find any shirt as cool as these two

Charles Grassley (Sr Sen): the Good, the Bad and the Ugly…

Let’s talk/share/gripe/praise about US Senator Charles Grassley and rank his worthiness with regards to the DC Swamp’s war on average Americans by stealing our elections and whether or not he will lead calls for a full 100% forensic audit of all 99 counties in Iowa.

Seriously! Sen Grassley now fundraising off the dead bodies of the soldiers killed in Afghanistan, thanks to the disastrous pullout by the Biden Administration?

Sir, this may have never happened if you had stood with the 147 other US Senators and US Representatives that voted to challenge the certifications of the several contested States!  Instead, you timidly hid behind the parts of the Constitution and established law, like the “Cafeteria Christian” that picks and chooses the parts of the Bible he likes, while ignoring the rest. 

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