This set of survey questions are exclusive to US Rep Ashley Hinson (CD-01); to respond to the same set of surveys for other US and/or Iowa State politicians, please refer to the Legislator Matrix (opens in new window); The link under the picture of each politician will take you to a similar survey page exclusively for them.  Doing so will help us quantify your sentiment and correspondence with each and every politician that you've interacted with.

With the following survey questions, please pick the best answer for each question as you will not be able to change the results after submission.

A1) What is your overall sentiment of Joni Ernst?
A2) Re: 03 Nov 2020 Election (not Audit), did you email/text/call or otherwise talk to him/her about it?
A3) Re: Forensic Audit, did you email/text/call or otherwise talk to him/her about supporting a 100% audit?
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