Who Am I?

I live in the Quad Cities and have 5 kids. And compared to my life’s experience, their future is bleak if we don’t take back control of both Federal and State government.  They are to serve us with the consent of We The People and we are so far gone from the foundations upon which the Republic was founded.

I started this site around the end of May after talking to Jeffery Fry, owner/host of AuditTheVoteTexas.com. The site really didn’t take off until mid-July, as I was ready to give up the site due to having bit off too much between work and my other site, USADevolution.com.

AJ Foster

Anyhoo, I found Iowa First Audit Chat group on Telegram and set about to identify someone who might be interested in taking over from me with the 1st year already paid off. After talking to several people, I was inspired to put USADevolution on the back burner instead and give more time to the audit effort.

Feel free to explore both websites, I think my work and that of several volunteers speak for themselves.  As for funding, I am not interested in garnering financial support from anyone or organization as that would compromise my independence to say what I think.  I pay for everything out of pocket, supplemented by the sale of merchandise on this site.  If you want to support my efforts and site, consider buying a t-shirt or two to show your support.

What Do I Know About IT?

I’ve been a computer geek going back to the 80s.  My mom bought an Apple II Plus and soon upgraded to Apple III.  Meanwhile, the university I attended was the first in nation to require all incoming freshmen, regardless of major, for the 1982-83 year to purchase an Osbourne portable computer as part of their tuition or bring a similar computer. 

In 1999, as I was ending my term with a company on a particular project, I found out that they had launched a new program that they hoped would become a new business line.  I managed to wrangle access to this program, so I might propose extending their efforts.  It was my hope that the company might transfer me to their new program. Now understand that in 1999, we had not yet entered the smartphone era, but I knew it was coming.  Technology was advancing rapidly with capabilities doubling every 18 months or so.  At that time, there were mobile phones and there were PDAs (Palm and Handspring among others) and technology leaders were looking to merge the two, as well as adding high resolution color screens in due time.  Also relatively new were satellite mapping technology that brought images to the browser.  This is what I proposed to my company and was laughed out; “No one is going to waste precious online time to track planes on a handheld“, I was told, “besides, there’s no personal consumer market, our customers are corporations and FBOs that will be using large monitors“.  Back then, “Large” was like a 21″ or 25″ CRT monitor… 

Handspring Visor & Flight Tracking

There are a multitude of companies providing flight tracking services, but my former company isn’t one of them — think it had to do with that “vision thing”. Meanwhile, what you carry with you everywhere, and are probably reading this page from, runs circles around what I imagined back then. LOL.

Being laughed at was nothing new, around 1996, folks laughed when I told them that in 10 or 15 years, people won’t need their CD collection anymore, as they’ll replace their entire collection and more on a device they can carry in their pocket, then came the mp3 players. No matter, as other more exciting IT opportunities opened up for me over the next 20 years in my career, most of which was with another company that was a competitor to the former. And with my then new employer, I continued to explore and push the bounds of information technology in business applications.

Why Do I care About America First?

Here’s a thought, what if Ross Perot actually won the election in 1992, but lost it due to voter fraud?  Aside from Patrick Buchanan, Ross was the first major candidate to espouse “America First”, such as when he decried NAFTA as that giant sucking sound, which is why I voted for him.  I didn’t like how Pappy Bush handled many things during his term, to include his handling of Tienanmen Square with China.  Instead of punishing China, we subsequently rewarded China with “Most Favored Nation“.  Then I watched Bill Clinton allow China to get valuable missile guidance technology while selling nights in the Lincoln Bedroom and all manner of pay for play shenanigans, with nary a peep from the GOP.

Along came Dubya and later Obama and the continued bending over to other nations, as our industries continued to close up shop here and relocate to other countries.  The ramrodding of unconstitutional acts that only served to enlarge the Federal beast while giving lip service to national security, things like the Patriot Act, Homeland Security Act among other abuses.  The apathetic attention to our own personal security as nothing was done about rising identity theft, open borders, etc, etc.

Then there’s the bloat in the federal government which employs nearly 9.1 million workers, comprising nearly 6 percent of total employment in the United States. The figure includes nearly 2.1 million federal employees, 4.1 million contract employees, 1.2 million grant employees, 1.3 million active duty military personnel, and more than 500,000 postal service employees as of 2019.

Why Do I Care About Election Integrity?

As for voting machines, I’ve been suspicious of them going all the way back to 2004 when Diebold came on the scene and I found out about fractional voting. Yes the 9 counties using Dominion are capable of being remotely controlled. But that doesn’t let the 24 ES&S or 66 Unisyn counties off the hook. The CCP owns and manufactures the Unisyn machines.

About 4 years ago, it was discovered that all server motherboards manufactured in China, made to specification for a US based server manufacturer, SuperMirco, had a secret circuit added to the specs which allowed China to siphon every data bit that passed thru the servers. Among affected customers, Amazon used thousands of these servers for its AWS platform.

Sources here, here, here and here. For what it’s worth, either China took a page out of one of Tom Clancy’s novels from the 1990s about a Japanese technician sticking spy hardware inside a network machine belonging to the CCP or he was warning us that China is doing it to us.  Either way, guess who uses AWS? DOD & CIA. SMH.

We all know about Dominion, Smartmatic & SCYTL, what about ES&S, Hart InterCivic and Unisyn? 

Chinese-Partnered Companies Control Over 75% Of Voting Machines In 2020 Elections

What you’re about to read will infuriate you whether you are a Republican, Democrat, or Independent voter in the US. CD Media is providing direct evidence that the Chinese-government-partnered companies control over 75% of the voting machines used in the 2020 election.

This isn’t one of the windy roads through financial service or investment companies type of articles. Halfway through it, when the main Chinese partner is linked to, you’ll be given the opportunity to hit the “support the party” button from one of the many examples of tight cooperation they’ve had with Beijing since 1993.

This is primary source evidence from the companies involved and includes instructions that make it easy to set up vote tampering.

If you are a Congressman or Senator and still support the 2020 election results without question, take an honest moment and hit that button. The evidence trail of Chinese intervention in US elections goes as far back as 2005. 

The following is from a Letter from the North Carolina State Board of Electors to ES&S, Clear Ballot Group, and Hart InterCivic. You’re about to find out why they refuse to answer questions like these. 

“To date, no explanation has been provided as to how the identity of investors, shareholders, or percentage ownership derives independent actual or potential commercial value from not being generally known or readily ascertainable.

The State Board of Elections has received public records requests for all communications with each vendor regarding the June 14, 2019 request for additional disclosure and subsequent communications. Upon review, it is my belief that the records sought, including correspondence revealing the identity of any owners or shareholders of any vendor, parent company or investor, or percentage ownership, is not subject to any exception that would permit the State Board to withhold it from the public.”

Most of this article is going to read like bullet points.  Read the rest here

That’s not the only article, others have dug into this topic.

Business Partner Of Chinese Communist Party Owns American Elections Company

Amid all of the election turmoil and questions of foreign interference the last few years in our country, one company seems to have eluded public scrutiny. Intrepid Research digs deeper.

Unisyn Voting Systems, located in Vista, California, is owned by Vincent Tan, a Chinese-Malaysian billionaire with deep ties to the Chinese Communist Party.

Unisyn is just one of many companies in Vincent Tan’s vast business empire, but it should trouble national security and election officials. An election systems company based in the United States, is compromised by foreign control and influence.

When considering the idea of rigged elections, it is not reassuring that a lottery and casino equipment company is manufacturing voting machines, since casino machines are designed to ensure that “the house” always wins. ILTS makes gambling systems for countries all across Asia, including racetracks and casinos in Hong Kong and Macao. They are a subsidiary of Berjaya Corporation based in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Of course, there is nothing wrong with someone of his wealth investing in various industries. However, there are two main concerns here, with national security implications. One, American elections companies being foreign-owned seems problematic. Two, Mr. Tan’s business partners are especially problematic. From 1993-2000, Mr. Tan’s Berjaya operated a joint venture called Syntax with Gu Wengjiang, the wealthy sister-in-law of Chinese Communist Party Politburo member Bo Xilai. (Mr. Xilai has since been purged from the Politburo and the Party and imprisoned for life, amid scandal) Another company owned by Mr. Tan is U Mobile, a mobile telecommunications company in Malaysia. U Mobile has deep partnerships with Chinese companies ZTE and Huawei, both considered major national security threats by the U.S. government. In fact, Tan’s son Robin, who is now CEO of the Berjaya empire, and acting on his fathers behalf, was present for the signing of U Mobile’s agreement with ZTE. The event was attended by both the Malaysian Prime Minister and none other than CCP Chairman Xi Jinping himself…

Unisyn Voting Solutions is subsidiary of and is co-located with International Lottery & Totalizator Systems (ILTS) in Vista, California. Certified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission since 2012, they supply voting machines and software to a number of states and locales across the United States…

Most recently, in September of last year actually, executives of a company owned by Mr. Tan, SeaGamer Mall, were indicted by the United States Department of Justice. They were charged with running a Chinese-hacking scheme. Mr. Tan made a point to clarify that his company Berjaya was not invested in the suspect company, but rather that he was personally…

According to the U.S. Election Assistance Commission, all or part of nine states use Unisyn Voting Solutions election systems: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Utah, and Virginia.  Read more here

So why is it that these companies feel they don’t have to answer to State Government officials?  In short, thanks to the Dubya Bush Admin and his Homeland Security Act of 2002, our DHS has classified these vendors as “Special Government Employees” and exempted them from Public Law 92-463 and from oversight by the government.  Read the full details from Patel Patriot’s Devolution Part 5.

So Now What?

In talking to local, Scott County officials about these Chinese built equipment, the response alternates between “everything is made in China, what are we going to do about it” to outright hostility. Hostility because they feel attacked, but once they understand that it really has nothing to do with them personally or their honesty, they find it hard to accept because of what they’re told by Pate and or the manufacturers. They can vouch for their physical ballot handling processes, but they really can’t vouch for what is actually happening when ballot data are converted to 0s and 1s. For instance, one swore, the machines are absolutely not connected to the internet. Really? When any machine can be built to leverage NFC (near field communications) where data can be sent from the machine to “home” and back via every cellphone that happens to be in range. The only ones that can control that are those who built the backdoor to these machines.

I’ve emailed Iowa politicians several times, and received no response from almost any of them. I’ve met Jim Carlin, and aside from thinking there are issues with 2020, he seems to believe we should just focus on winning 2022. Sandy Salmon, on the other hand, believes there was widespread fraud, but getting to the bottom of it would require canvassing by volunteers and see where the data takes us. She also supports getting rid of all the machines and going back to “Amish voting” if that’s what it takes

As for the rest, they disgust me! Because, they are either timid, testing the wind to see which way things blow, or they know, but don’t want to confront it because they benefited in selling us out. There is no other way to view it, complicit or clueless.  As for SOS Pate, hosting the NASS and media reporting of it would make him appear to be complicit, in the first place, it is OUR elections, ergo he ought to ensure that OUR election is legal and fair. As our public servant, he is mistaken if he presumes that auditing the results is strictly his office’s purview.

The bottom line is, we don’t know what has been happening because we haven’t looked. It’s time to audit Iowa elections.

AJ Foster


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