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As you may know, our legislature is meeting this Thursday, 28 October to vote on the 2nd version redistricting map. 

While there, they ought to dispense with the mask/vaccine mandate nonsense, once and for all.  Now is the time for our Timid Politicians to ignore their special interest lobbyists waving fistful of $$$ at them and listen to the only special interest that matters, their constituents, We The Iowans.

And while they’re at it, they need to act to Fix 2020.  Fix 2020 by:

  • Ordering the Secretary of State, all County Auditors and election officers to fully cooperate with our FOIA/RTK requests, such as historical voter rolls, for the purposes of canvassing.
  • Invite the CyberNinjas, Jovan Pulitizer and his Kinematics processes, Dr Shiva and other State and National voices for forensic audits to submit cost estimates for conducting a 100% forensic audit of all ballots cast.  NOTE: no audit participation will be required of Dominion, ES&S and Unisyn and any other vendor that is a member of the EICC, aside from full cooperation in the independent audit of their equipment.
  • Use a portion of the budget surplus to fully fund the 99 Counties for the expense of implementing a 100% forensic audit.
  • Seeing how people have already been laid off or fired from their jobs due to legislature’s inaction on blocking the vax mandates, temporarily hire the displaced individuals to assist in the audit.

So please call/email your legislators (contact list here) and urge them to take action on audits and to ban all mask and vaccine mandates.  Dr Fauci and the CDC/NIH are proven to not be credible authorities on a pseudo-pandemic they created.  Ask your Timid Politician if he/she are going just stand by and let Fauci, a puppy torturing pathological liar, who wants to help pharmaceutical giants run mRNA-experiments on all of our children?  We are not their guinea pigs.  We do NOT consent.  The longer our politicians ignore us, the worse it will be for them, with extreme prejudice.

Came across an interesting new website, I’ve bookmarked it and will be staying tuned to see what else they put out.  So far, they’ve created a sort of Declaration of Independence for our time for each of the 50 States. It name names and cites references.

I would urge you all to incorporate the “Letter from Iowans” (see below) into your email.


OCTOBER 24-30 has been designated “Storm Week” and WE THE PEOPLE will be the ones bringing change! No more waiting on things to happen or “trusting the plan” – WE ARE THE PLAN! 
These letters here are a foundation so YOU as an American can peacefully but effectively bring your own storm to the local, state, and federal officials who continue to fail miserably at protecting the constitutional rights of their constituents. IT ENDS NOW.  
After a year of gaslighting by corrupt media and swamp creatures, an increasing majority of Americans are waking up and are FED UP.
While our politicians STOOD BY we lost the integrity of the nation’s election systems, our fundamental human rights to bodily autonomy and to breathe freely were attacked with mask mandates and mandatory vaccinations. 
It is past time we remind our failed officials that THEY WORK FOR US before we remove EACH AND EVERYONE ONE OF THEM in accordance with law.  Stand ready, Americans!  The time is now! 

Here’s a snippet from their ‘Letter from Iowans‘:

Attorney General Tom Miller, Secretary of State Paul Pate, Governor Kim Reynolds, The Congressional Representatives of Iowa, Senators of Iowa, The Legislature of Iowa, Mayors, City Councils, Parish Councils, School boards and Sheriffs.
FROM: We the People of Iowa 
We address you today regarding your failures of leadership and failures to protect the fundamental rights of your constituents. We the people of this state have called, emailed, protested, shown up to school boards, council meetings, and committee hearings. With one voice, we demanded you preserve and protect our freedoms. We offered you ample opportunities to address these issues, yet you stood by while a callous governor, overreaching mayors, and unaccountable federal leviathan destroyed our state. We demand that you answer for your inaction, and we will continue to utilize all forms of communication to call attention to your failures and promote your impending removals from office. We have determined that if you are not standing up for all our freedoms, you are part of the problem. The Governor, Secretary of State, and legislators will now stand by and watch as we peacefully remove them from their respective positions. Attorney General Tom Miller, you have a choice to stand with us and fight to secure our constitutional freedoms or you can stand by while we also remove you. We The People of the great state of Iowa demand Attorney General Tom Miller agree to a meeting with us immediately.

Follow the Letter from Iowans link to see the full list and supporting references of how our political “leaders” have failed us. I say “leaders” loosely because a real leader wouldn’t wait until the uproar of the Iowans became too great to ignore.  A real leader would be proactive and questioning any possible attack on our liberties. 

As per our State motto: “Our liberties we prize and our rights we will maintain“!  Simply put, if a politician is not living by our motto and putting America First, they are our Marxist enemy, made manifest by their long train of abuses.

There is also a PDF form letter you can download and mail to your timid politicians…

Audit The Vote, Iowa! Spread the word
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