You Stood By

As you may know, our legislature is meeting this Thursday, 28 October to vote on the 2nd version redistricting map. 

While there, they ought to dispense with the mask/vaccine mandate nonsense, once and for all.  Now is the time for our Timid Politicians to ignore their special interest lobbyists waving fistful of $$$ at and listen to the only special interest that matters, their constituents, We The Iowans.

And while they’re at it, they need to act to Fix 2020.  Fix 2020 by:
* Ordering the Secretary of State, all County Auditors and election officers to fully cooperate with our FOIA/RTK requests, such as historical voter rolls, for the purposes of canvassing.
* Invite the CyberNinjas, Jovan Pulitizer, Dr Shiva and other State and National voices for forensic audits to submit cost estimates for conducting a 100% forensic audit of all ballots cast.
* Use a portion of the budget surplus to fully fund the 99 Counties for the expense of implementing a 100% forensic audit.
* Seeing how people have already been laid off or fired from their jobs due to legislature’s inaction on blocking the vax mandates, temporarily hire the displaced individuals to assist in the audit.
So please call/email your legislators (contact list here) and urge them to take action on audits and to ban all mask and vaccine mandates.  Dr Fauci and the CDC/NIH are proven to not be credible authorities on a pseudo-pandemic they created.  Their willingness to inhumanely torture dogs and other animals, as well as a sordid history of secretly conducting experiments without the informed consent of their victims is being replicated by their constant pressure to vaccinate all Americans with an unproven vaccine.  We are not their guinea pigs.
I would urge you all to incorporate the “Letter from Iowans” (see below) into your email.

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