The Blueprint For Election Fraud

The freedom to vote is the cornerstone of our democracy. Generations of Americans have marched, fought, and even died to bring down barriers to the ballot box.  Elections need to be fair, free and secure.  Throughout history we have seen bad actors come and go trying to dismantle the American system, the last bit of hope for the world.  Securing our elections should be the number one priority.

The Blueprint for Election Fraud – This is what you measure against

Red Flags for Election Fraud

  1. Excessive mail in ballots
  2. Counterfeit ballots
  3. Unlimited number of drop boxes
  4. Election observers not allowed to view ballot counting transparently
  5. Agitators want to overthrow the Government
  6. Voter turnout is over 80%
  7. Troops drafted to protect the Capitol building  

Sounds a lot like the Presidential Election of 2020 doesn’t it?  In fact this blueprint for election fraud came straight out of the Russia Presidential Election of 2012.  Vladimir Putin had to win the election at any cost. Putin quickly claimed victory, waiting until just over 20% of votes were counted, but his opponents just as quickly cried foul, armed with reels of evidence of alleged fraud.

Why does the Russian Election of 2012 matter to Americans and their Election of 2020 though?  As listed above the Blueprint for Election Fraud was used point by point eight years ago.

“Everyone knows the result beforehand,” said Vassily, a 27-year-old engineer.  Claiming Putin did not win the election in a free and fair manner.

Shocking though or is it?  Everyone knows Donald J. Trump won the 2020 Election by a land slide.

Some key facts about the Russian Election of 2012

  1. Putin quickly claimed victory, waiting until just over 20% of votes were counted
  2. Interior ministry troops, backed by army trucks, arrest vans and bomb sappers, flooded central Moscow
  3. Ballot boxes spread far and wide across the country.  Inside of Doctors Offices, Fueling Stations, Food Stores, Restaurants, Entertainment venues.
  4. 14,000 Troops were dispatched to the Kremlin  

Several examples and documented facts about how elections can and are being stolen from the people, that of any country.  The Democrats have taken this exact same playbook and have used it to their advantage in the 2020 Election.  Anyone who claims of fraud or questions the legitimacy of the current Administration is labeled a far-right extremist.  Big Tech and mainstream media are out in force, censoring anyone that pushes back against this fraudulent system.  Most are being labeled as spreading dis-information or mis-information.

Christine Todd Whitman Founder and Co-Chair of the United States Democracy Center wants people to know that questioning elections and having outside groups that perform election audits are actually against free, fair and secure elections.  By her standards of course.  Her organization, USDC says they promote free, fair and safe elections – in a bipartisan way. 

Free, Fair and Secure elections at the State level so every vote is counted every voice is heard and every election is safe.

In other words, every vote that we put in – including dead people, illegals and counterfeit ballots is counted and every voice – Antifa, BLM and all the typical commies voices are heard and every election goes they way we want it.

Christine Whitman says that audits such as the one in Arizona and the one coming to Wisconsin are “fishing” expeditions.  Nothing but a dis-information campaign.  Whitman claims Cyber Ninjas lack credibility and transparency within these audits.

Stoking the fires even more.  Top Democrats in Arizona are forbidding their party members at the State level to participate with the Election audit.  Basically making claims that this is a partisan hit job by the Republicans.

This is the real blueprint, proudly presented to yo by the far-left radicals.

Listen below for the full story.

Listen to "Has The Election System Backdoor Been Exposed?" on Spreaker.







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