How The American Medial Association Is Manipulating You About COVID Vaccines

The American Medical Association (AMA) has called for the utmost transparency in the vaccine development process and has urged the U.S. Food and Drug Administration to keep physicians actively informed about the process for vaccine authorization or licensure; standards for review; and safety and efficacy data so that doctors can address their patients’ questions and concerns.

To overcome vaccine hesitancy and ensure widespread vaccine acceptance among all demographic groups, physicians and the broader public health community must continue working to build trust in vaccine safety and efficacy, especially in marginalized and minoritized communities with historically well-founded mistrust in medical institutions.

In a recent document drafted by the AMA, they outline how their talking heads should approach the public in regards to the COVID vaccine.  Playing on words to make you think a certain way and go even further with making you feel guilty for being hesitant on the vaccine.  Second guessing…this is another attempt by an out of control Federal Government to infringe on your God given rights, your constitutional rights. 

What the (AMA) is really saying here, is that “we” need a plan of action to get the non-vaccinated people, the deniers of science on board with our agenda even though factual data has shown that this vaccine doesn’t work as they say.  Furthermore, we are suppose to trust the science in regards to medicine, without question or hesitation.  We are to do as we are told.  Trying times we are living in when a Government Agency and the like are pushing and forcing their product of design upon the masses.

They are playing word games to make you feel guilty

• I trust the facts and medicine, including public health initiatives to keep us all healthy. Help keep your
family, community and health-workers safe by #MaskUp #COVID19
• Facts, logic and compassion require us to all do our part. Get vaccinated. #COVID19
• Vaccination and preventative measures are our best way forward. The more information we share openly,
the sooner we’ll get to normal. #VaccinesWork #COVID19
• I will get vaccinated as soon as it is available, as will my family. #TrustScience #COVID19
• Any and all #COVID19 vaccines authorized will meet the highest standards of quality, safety and
effectiveness set by the FDA’s rigorous regulatory review process.
• I trust the scientific process and the rigorous peer review for the coronavirus vaccines. #TrustScience
• All vaccines undergo a rigorous scientific review to ensure they are effective and safe. From lab testing to
clinical trials, everything is in place to make sure coronavirus vaccines are safe and effective. #SafeVaccines
• As a physician, I will be getting the COVID-19 vaccine. Vaccines go through rigorous testing by scientists &
doctors, multiple testing phases, and then FDA review before authorized. If authorized, they will be safe &
• I trust a vaccine endorsed by scientists, career public health professionals, my doctor, and the mainstream
medical community. #TrustScience
• Even with the vaccine we need to keep using masks to stop the spread. #COVID19 #MaskUp

You are very familiar with the language above are you not?  We have seen posting all across social media with the exact verbiage used.  From highly paid and overrated actors and actresses, sports figures, long time political heads and the list goes on.  This for a minute why the (AMA) never came out and promoted these talking points themselves?  The lack of trust with the government and its like agencies is a driving factor for people.  We have been lied to over and over and after the Election of 2020 was stolen from the American people we have seen a further lack of trust from the population.  People are stating to wake up.  But this isn’t all the (AMA) released.

Talking points from the left   

• I join the AMA and leading organizations representing U.S. physicians, nurses and hospitals in affirming my
commitment to ensuring COVID-19 vaccines are evaluated and ultimately authorized through a rigorous
scientific and regulatory process.
• I fully support the overwhelming scientific evidence that shows vaccines are among the most effective
and safest interventions to both prevent individual illness and protect the health of the public.
• When there’s a safe, effective vaccine for COVID-19, physicians without weakened or failing immune
systems have an important, ethical duty to get vaccinated.
• A strong recommendation from a health care professional is a key factor in encouraging vaccination.
Parent and patient education provided by physicians is an important factor in influencing higher
vaccination rates.
• Physicians should talk with their patients about the health risks associated with not being vaccinated and
make a strong recommendation for vaccinations, unless medically inadvisable.
• Transparency builds trust. Physicians should advise their patients about possible side effects including
lethargy, mild fever, body aches and pains, but this often means the vaccine is working to establish
immunity. If you have any questions or concerns about side effects, contact your physician.
• If indicated, patients should return for a second dose if required.
• I adamantly defend facts and evidence, and strongly denounce analyses predicated on personal opinions,
anecdote and political ideologies.
• Science should be grounded in a common understanding of facts and evidence and able to empower
people to make informed decisions about their health.
• Even when a COVID-19 vaccine is available, we must continue to wear masks, physical distance and wash
our hands, until we have a critical mass of the population vaccinated.

Many on the left (ones that have been vaccinated) make claims that the un-vaccinated are putting their lives (the vaccinated) at danger.  What?!  But I thought if you were vaccinated you were safe from death and sever sickness?  Putting their health at risk is another talking point.  To go even further on the matter, the majority of the talking heads don’t even realize what they are saying.  They have been drug down this hole of deceit for so long that they have no way to see truth.  No matter how ridiculous their argument is.

Take note, they are now using the flu vaccine to push their COVID agenda.  Echoing that everyone should be getting a flu shot every six months to fight off the seasonal flu.  While the flu itself is a different subject is really goes hand in hand here.  I for one have never been a fan of the flu shot and to be honest I cannot remember the last time I had gotten one.  Speaking of the flu, it’s without saying that the FDA, AMA and other Agencies are pushing to mix COVID booster shots in with your traditional flu shot.

The Breakdown

The (AMA) from the points above have laid out a well written plane to manipulate people as they do not want you thinking for yourself.  They have their players lined up and out in full force to sway to the popular belief on how safe the COVID vaccine is.  Speaking directly to the “players,”  the game plan is as follows.

  • Social Media Platforms
  • General talking points
  • Importance of Vaccines (flu shot)
  • General recommendations
  • The Science
  • The DOs and Don’ts when speaking with the media
  • Language Swaps
  • Online business profiles (google, yelp and Facebook)
  • Actively solicit positive reviews
  • Disputing fake news
  • Best practices in dealing with detractors online 

Many ways these agencies are manipulating your thought processes.  Anything or anyone that does such things should be considered harmful to your wellbeing – freedoms in general.  This is not what America was founded on.  These type of tactics are communist at the least.  Pure evil nothing more.

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