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UPDATE: 07 September 2021, Grassley Email; “My Heart Is Heavy”

Seriously! Sen Grassley now fundraising off the dead bodies of the soldiers killed in Afghanistan, thanks to the disastrous pullout by the Biden Administration?

Sir, this may have never happened if you had stood with the 147 other US Senators and US Representatives that voted to challenge the certifications of the several contested States!  Instead, you timidly hid behind the parts of the Constitution and established law, like the “Cafeteria Christian” that picks and chooses the parts of the Bible he likes, while ignoring the rest.  Didn’t want to “disenfranchise” the voters of Arizona and others and so you plowed ahead to certify this lifelong politician and cretin Joe Biden.  At least we didn’t have to be subjected to “mean tweets from President Trump, right?

Instead, your complicity has given us ever escalating inflation, rising unemployment, especially among minorities, continuous assaults on the liberties we prize and the rights we fight daily to maintain, all in barely 8 months.  Then you go and vote for Biden’s Green New Deal, rationalizing that it’s only for three-point-five trillion dollars then you immediately got rolled by Nancy Pelosi as she jacked the bill up to at least 6 trillion. We don’t even know the final cost, as “we have to read the bill after its passed to know what’s in it“.

So now you email the world, begging for campaign contributions under the guise of polling Americans, not Iowans, to see whether we approve of Biden’s handling of Afghanistan.  You knew better than to use “The Scoop — Your weekly dish from Sen Grassley” to fund-raise from your Iowan constituents.  This makes you no better than the ghoulish friends from across the aisle who never hesitate to fund-raise off the bodies of victims.

Well, pass this on to your consultants; I, and many other, don’t approve of you meekly protesting Biden while doing nothing of substance.  Please step down now and enjoy your retirement.

Grassley – My Heart Is Heavy email(20210907)

NOTE: This email was sent to my WinRed email account, not to my constituent email account

The following updates below are in chronological order


29 July 2021, Original Post

Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley (R) issued a press release statement on Wednesday night, 06 Jan 2021, regarding the Congressional certification of the Electoral College votes:

Grassley Statement on 06Jan21

Choosing to NOT disenfranchise an entire state is still making the choice to disenfranchise the majority of the voters who were cheated of their vote.  The Constitution does indeed offer guidance for such a scenario, even if it is not the “safe” and “conventional wisdom”.  To Sen Grassley’s credit, he at least is concerned and shares our frustrations about the election irregularities as seen in the several states.  And he has been a strong fighter with President Trump against the Deep State of unelected bureaucrats working on behalf of the globalist uniparty.  In any case, it is important that We-The-People closely scrutinize the events of this election and hold our elected State legislature accountable to take the necessary steps to promote independence, transparency and trust in future elections.


UPDATE: 30 July 2021, Grassley on Symposium

— Received this from an Iowa First Audit Chat contributor on Telegram; Grassley Aide responds saying that the Senator “ain’t got time for dat!” 

Grassley on attending symposium

[Forwarded from Brian Cates – Political Columnist (Brian Cates)]
Remember: if Lindell proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he has what he claims he does, it would instantly trigger the prescribed actions enumerated in this Executive Order that is still in force:

What prescribed actions, you ask? The ones listed here:

Brian Cates: Trump’s EO46845

Time is running out for Sen Grassley to get off the fence or get run over by the Audit Train.


UPDATE: 03 August 2021, Email To Grassley

Dear Senator Grassley,
In spite of the press spinning the Arizona audit as a wild goose chase, we the people of Iowa are seeing through the smoke and mirrors that our elections have been compromised for the past two decades with the assistance of voting machines produced by Dominion, ES&S and Unisyn. 
Suffice it to say, without going through all the details, we are aware that the 2002 Homeland Security Act specifically authorizes a consortium of voting machine makers to lead the way in “securing our elections.” In other words, we have the receipts (see annex below the break below) that show that ALL of the machines in Iowa are “licensed to steal election,” should the various County Auditors and Board of Supervisors opt to do so.
Please understand that this is NOT a partisan effort; we are well aware that both Republicans and Democrats have been actively involved in manipulating election results in Iowa going back decades. Pat Buchanan, Ron Paul, Bernie Sanders and Tulsi Gabbard, just to name a few have been robbed.  The time has come for these shenanigans to end and end it will. 
Some of our members have reported hearing back from their various Representatives and Senators that he/she doesn’t know too much about subject other than the election appears to have gone well and that perhaps questions might be referred to Secretary of State Paul Pate.  This is rather offensive, as the Constitution for the United State is clear in Article 1, Section 4; “The Times, Places and Manner of holding Elections for Senators and Representatives, shall be prescribed in each State by the Legislature thereof;”  You need to be in front of this or else get run over by the Audit Train.
Nationwide, we have over 80,000 members in our chat groups and since we started just a few short weeks ago, the Iowa chat group has grown to over 1,300 with more by the score joining each day. 
I am therefore writing to you to ask;
1) Will you stand with Iowans? Please support the call for a 100% forensic audit of Iowa’s 2020 elections in order for the people to be assured that their legal vote was accurately counted and faithfully recorded.  The results of the elections will provide the Legislature with the information needed to exercise their constitutional duty to ensure that future elections will be secured. So far, only one Iowan has committed to supporting this.
2) Will you accept Mike Lindell’s open invitation to attend his election fraud symposium in South Dakota Aug 10-13? 
As of this morning, 30 States will be represented with over 300 members of legislature planning to be in attendance. So far, no Iowan has announced plans to attend.
The symposium will also be broadcast live on Lindell TV at 
As political writer, Brian Cates wrote Sunday evening, “Remember: If Lindell proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he has what he claims he does, it would instantly trigger the prescribed actions enumerated in this Executive Order that is still in force:
Do NOT be that Timid Politician,  The time for action is now.
In the beginning of a change the patriot is a scarce man, and brave, and hated and scorned. When his cause succeeds, the timid join him, for then it costs nothing to be a patriot.
—-MARK TWAIN, 1904
I look forward to your response and sharing with our audience.
AJ Foster (Quad Cities, IA)
P.S.  From the research paper, Devolution Part 5 (, written by Patel:In 2003, President George W. Bush signed the Homeland Security Presidential Directive 7 (HSPD-7) which replaced PDD-63 and established the U.S. National Policy for identification of and prioritization of critical infrastructure. HSPD-7 called for The National Infrastructure Protection Plan (NIPP) which aims to unify Critical Infrastructure and Key Resource (CI/KR) protection efforts across the country. The NIPP’s goals are to protect critical infrastructure and key resources and ensure resiliency. It was not an actual plan to be carried out in an emergency, but it was useful as a mechanism for developing coordination between government and the private sector.
The NIPP is structured to create partnerships between Government Coordinating Councils (GCC) from the public sector and Sector Coordinating Councils (SCC) from the private sector. I want to again emphasize that the SCCs are from the private sector.  The NIPP also discussed implementing “Advisory Councils” shown below. These councils have been used as a method to involve the private sector in matters of national security relating to critical infrastructure…
…Our Government knew there was a conflict of interest because they had to sign a waiver certifying they knew. Yet, the members of the EISCC who were the very companies used for basically every aspect of the 2020 election (machines, ballot printing, etc.) were also in charge of the “physical security, cyber security, and emergency preparedness of the nation’s election infrastructure” and they HAD NO OVERSIGHT.
Long story short, the Election Infrastructure Subsector Government Coordinating Council Charter is renewed every two years in order to allow the voting machine consortium to operate without government OVERSIGHT.

The following day, I received an acknowledgement that a reply would be forthcoming.


UPDATE: 17 August 2021, Scott County Lincoln Club Luncheon with Grassley

After we ate, Grassley gave his speech.  Having heard him speak before, including TV and radio interviews, I was struck at how unfocused and rambling he was in trying to defend his vote for the Infrastructure Bill.  Out of the 3.5 trillion he voted for, he could only point to several hundred billion that would benefit Iowa; namely, broadband access to rural communities, renewable energy and roads and bridges.  After his speech, Grassley took only three questions from the audience.  As you will see below, it did not go well for him and the Q&A was quickly ended.

1st Q&A – Regarding infrastructure…

The first questioner that challenged him on his interpretation of the Infrastructure bill, he first asked about Veritas?

Wait what? VERITAS???

I wasn’t sure if I heard right.  My friend thought he asked her if she was from Veritas, I thought he asked if she got her info from Veritas.  Either way, what an odd thing to say.  My friend said, “No, I’m reading this directly from the Government website.  Long story short, he insisted his version of what it meant for Iowa was the correct one.


2nd Q&A – Trusted news sources…

The 2nd woman said she was a regular Fox Viewer and asked for his advice on trusted sources.  Grassley dismissed Fox as not very credible, then went on to say that every morning, he reads the WSJ and the WaPo.  And when he gets a chance, he also reads the Des Moines Register, a liberal rag bar none.  When most of those in attendance hooted and laughed, he grew defensive and said “y’all ought to read the Register, you might learn something.”  I put down my phone but continued recording.

As some of us already know, the WaPo is a mouthpiece for the CIA, while the DOJ/FBI regularly leak to the New York Times.


3rd Q&A – Can’t get thru to his offices and on religion…

This really got contentious.  Lady mentions that Ted Cruz was adamantly against the Infrastructure Bill, so she can’t understand why Grassley voted for it.  Second, where was the GOP on January 6th?  She then says she’s not the rebellious type, but she is complains that she can’t get thru to any of his offices.  She is a person for We The People and she’s for God and wants politicians who honor God first.  Grassley gets very defensive about his religion and about his office help.  Simply put, he lost his cool.  But he never responded to her question about January 6th.


UPDATE: 24 August 2021 – Grassley responds…

I finally received an email from Grassley in response to my 03 August 2021 message.

Dear Aj:
Thank you for taking the time to contact me with your concerns. As your senator, it is important to me that I hear from you.
I appreciate hearing your concerns about Iowa’s election results. The period for which Iowa’s elections are capable of being scrutinized has passed and it is my understanding that no such event could occur under state law. Immediately following the election our results were checked and scrutinized for accuracy through a standardized procedure overseen by the Iowa Secretary of State Paul Pate. 
The current issue in Arizona relates to an election audit instituted by that state’s legislature to resolve lingering concerns on the part of many Arizonians about that state’s election process. If this process can put to rest those concerns, that is good for the country. Transparency in government is generally good and opposition to transparency leads to more suspicion, which is bad for the country.
In your message, you also mentioned the cyber symposium held by Mike Lindell. I am aware of the claims made by Mr. Lindell regarding the 2020 election.
The COVID-19 pandemic required alterations to the election process in numerous states that may have increased the potential for fraud or inaccuracies and debate about the issue of election integrity is important. That said, the claims put forth by Mr. Lindell are false. There was no widespread conspiracy to deprive President Trump re-election though the manipulation of votes. While individuals associated with the Trump Campaign voiced similar concerns, it is telling that they never produced evidence of vote manipulation in any court, and in some cases restricted such claims or even stipulated in court filings that they were not making such allegations. 
After the 2016 elections, I was very clear to those who tried to argue that President Trump was illegitimately elected that sowing such doubts was not appropriate. In recent elections, I have noticed a troubling pattern of losing candidates and their supporters arguing that they were defrauded or lost only as a result of a flawed process. I believe that elections need to be secure and fair with the rules governing them set in advance for a level playing field. That said, when an election is over and when disputes have been addressed through our independent judicial system we must accept their finality. President Trump lost reelection to President Biden. I am not happy about it, but there is nothing I can do about it as a U.S. senator. However, there are matters before Congress that we as conservatives should be concerned about. For example, for the past couple of years left wing activists have pushed for a federalization of election law through the deceptively titled “For the People Act” or H.R.1. This over five-hundred page legislation is a collection of a large number of separate, overlapping, and conflicting bills that would make a series of drastic changes to the American electoral process and the conduct of elections in states. I have long opposed federalizing the running of elections, and this bill would override many voter integrity features in Iowa law.
I understand that election integrity is an important issue for many Iowans. I have a long track record of working to prevent voter fraud in elections though common-sense legislative proposals like national voter ID. I will continue to work for election integrity and to oppose partisan proposals in D.C. to reform election infrastructure for political advantage.
Again, thank you for taking the time to contact me. Please keep in touch. 


  Chuck Grassley
  United States Senator

Really? As you can see from the letter, I’ve highlighted 3 sections that should concern any Iowan that cares about Election Integrity.

Let’s dissect these 3 items:

  1. The period for which Iowa’s elections are capable of being scrutinized has passed…“.  Then what’s the purpose of 52 U.S. Code § 20701 – Retention and preservation of records and papers by officers of elections; deposit with custodian; penalty for violation, if not to be held in case of disputes?
  2. …it is my understanding that no such event could occur under state law.” Interesting!  Which begs the question, when did he “understand” it?  Could Grassley be referring to Iowa Code 2018, Chapter 50, Section 51 Election audits, Paragraph 4. “The results of an audit conducted pursuant to this section shall not change the results, or invalidate the certification, of an election.”?  If you are not familiar with this, please see this post on the subject,  Our GOP State Legislators did this to us in the Spring of 2017. Is this why Joni Ernst was special guest of the Senate when they passed this bill in their chamber?  I have emailed every single member of our Iowa Legislators, republican and democrat, as well as Governor Reynolds, Lt Governor Gregg, Secretary of State Pate and Attorney General Miller and have not received a response from anyone.
  3. That said, the claims put forth by Mr. Lindell are false. There was no widespread conspiracy to deprive President Trump re-election though the manipulation of votes.“.  Note that is Grassley’s own underlining!  To emphatically state that at this point in time boggles the mind. Is this really what he thinks or are his aides putting words into his letters?

I am reminded of when I was a child going to Summer Camp.  There was a hog farm nearby and the first day, the smell was really noticeable, especially when the wind blew our way.  But by the second day, no one noticed the smell anymore.  Similarly, couple of Summers in Alaska during my college years, working at a cannery in the fishing town of Cordova; even though it took 2 or 3 days for the smell of fish to fade, yet the townspeople could always smell the cannery on you wherever you went.

My point is this, Grassley has been in the swamp so long, he actually believes the WSJ, WaPo and the DMR when they say there is no evidence of election fraud, no matter what Iowans across all 99 counties think and believe.  Perhaps, like FBI Special Agents Peter Strzok and his mistress Lisa Page behind the Russiagate scandal, Grassley thinks we are a bunch of dumb smelly Wal-Mart people prone to “conspiracy theories”?

Stay tuned, I intend to add one more update after 28 August when Grassley will attend a BBQ hosted by CD-01 Ashley Hinson, along with Governor Reynolds and RNC Chair, Ronna McDaniel.  Guess who else will be in attendance? None other than Ted Cruz, who adamantly was against voting for the Infrastructure Bill.  I’m looking forward to the Q&As.


UPDATE: 28 August 2021 — US Rep Ashley Hinson’s 1st Annual BBQ

I went to the event, but never got a chance to speak to any of the politicians campaigning for Hinson’s re-election.  As I understand it from a friend also in attendance, Sen Grassley left the event as soon as he finished speaking. And as soon as Sen Ted Cruz spoke, the rally ended.  Here is the video of Grassley’s speech.

The “Father of going to all 99 Counties each year” campaigns for Hinson to fire Nancy Pelosi. Grassley then bemoans the chaos in Afghanistan and the deaths of 13 soldiers. He also notes that all federal departments, except for DOD and DHS received large increases in their baseline budget. But no acknowledgment of his role in quickly confirming Biden’s cabinet picks, including Merrick Garland for AG, Lloyd Austin for Secretary of Defense, who needed a security clearance waiver, Antony Blinken for Secretary of State and all the other demonrat flunkies that filled out the cabinet. Not a single pick was objected to nor vote withheld.




In the Federalist Papers #63, we are told by Alexander Hamilton/James Madison:

To this general answer, the general reply ought to be sufficient, that liberty may be endangered by the abuses of liberty as well as by the abuses of power; that there are numerous instances of the former as well as of the latter; and that the former, rather than the latter, are apparently most to be apprehended by the United States. But a more particular reply may be given.

Before such a revolution can be effected, the Senate, it is to be observed, must in the first place corrupt itself; must next corrupt the State legislatures; must then corrupt the House of Representatives; and must finally corrupt the people at large. It is evident that the Senate must be first corrupted before it can attempt an establishment of tyranny. Without corrupting the State legislatures, it cannot prosecute the attempt, because the periodical change of members would otherwise regenerate the whole body. Without exerting the means of corruption with equal success on the House of Representatives, the opposition of that coequal branch of the government would inevitably defeat the attempt; and without corrupting the people themselves, a succession of new representatives would speedily restore all things to their pristine order. Is there any man who can seriously persuade himself that the proposed Senate can, by any possible means within the compass of human address, arrive at the object of a lawless ambition, through all these obstructions?

This corruption of and by the Senate was entrenched with the enactment of the 17th Amendment, which is why Term Limits are not the solution, yet the calls for an Article 5 Convention of the States is actually a Trojan Horse by RINOs to further protect the Swamp from We The People.

Audit The Vote, Iowa! Spread the word
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