Execute Section 50.51


The Time Has Come. Execute Iowa Code 2018, Section 50.51…


Did you know that Iowa Republicans wrote and passed a bill in Spring 2017 on a straight party-line basis that any audit results shall not invalidate an election?

Please read below and write 2 emails, specifically concerning this issue.  I have provided a list of how each member voted and for those no longer in office, I have listed their successor, all complete with “mailto:” hyperlinks that includes their office email and if available, their personal email addresses.  The link will also automatically pre-fill your email’s subject line depending on context as follows:

  • Why did they vote Yes/No on passing Code 2018, Section 50.51?
    • If Republican; this is contrary to all founding principles that a vote is the true voice of the people and that fraud vitiates everything.  Cue Greta Thunberg; “How dare you?”
    • If Democrat; be polite and suggest that for years, Democrats have accused republicans (small ‘r’) of cheating and here’s the proof… That any proof of their skulduggery shall not invalidate the election 😉 
  • If a successor; are they aware of how their predecessor voted on Code 2018, Section 50.51?
    • If Republican, this is their opportunity to correct this travesty by striking Section 50.51 paragraph 4 from the books and ensure all Iowans that their vote is sacred and codify “fraud vitiates everything”
    • If Democrat, this is their opportunity to achieve what their predecessor was unable to do and strike Section 50.51 paragraph 4 from the books.

We need to flood them with calls and emails this week, because soon to be announced, the Iowa Legislature will be called into Special Session by Governor Kim Reynolds to exclusively address redistricting based on new census data. While the General Assembly can be called into special session by a proclamation of the Governor of Iowa, however, it can also be convened by a written request of two-thirds of both houses of the General Assembly. So with pressure on both the Governor AND legislature, perhaps we can force them to deal with Section 50.51.  The republicans wrote and passed it and they need to fix it stat or face wholesale primaries next year.


Elections Shall Not Be Invalidated…

My fellow Iowans; Even if we get the desired 100% forensic audit for all 99 counties, the findings will NOT invalidate any of Iowa’s certification of the 2020 election.  Why, you may ask?  Because according to the Iowa Legislative records, a Bill was submitted, debated and approved by the 87th General Assembly in March 2017.  Hat tip to Thomas McInerney from Iowa First Audit Chat, on Telegram, for alerting me to this recent addition to the Iowa law t.me/IAFAuditChat

Full Text below:

CANVASS OF VOTES, 50.51 Election audits.  Referred to in §49.128, §50.12  Published: Fri Dec 22 13:47:42 2017 Iowa Code 2018, Section 50.51 (0, 0)

1. After each general election, the state commissioner shall, with the cooperation of the county commissioners, conduct an audit of the official canvass of votes from the preceding general election.
2. The state commissioner shall determine the number of counties and precincts to be audited and shall select the precincts to be audited by lot. The absentee ballot and special voters precinct for each county , established pursuant to section 53.20 , shall be included with all other precincts of the county for selection by lot. In every precinct selected, the commissioner shall conduct a hand count of all ballots cast in the preceding general election for president of the United States or governor , as the case may be. The hand count shall be observed by a representative selected by each of the two political parties whose candidates received the highest number of votes statewide in the preceding general election.
3. a. The commissioner may order an administrative recount pursuant to section 50.50 if the commissioner determines the results of an audit require an administrative recount.
b. If selected to conduct an audit, the commissioner shall provide an audit report to the county board of supervisors and shall transmit the audit report to the state commissioner no later than twenty days following the election.
4. The results of an audit conducted pursuant to this section shall not change the results, or invalidate the certification, of an election.
5. In advance of any other election, the state commissioner may order an audit of the election in the manner provided in this section .
6. The state commissioner shall adopt rules, pursuant to chapter 17A , to implement this section .

2017 Acts, ch 110, §43 Referred to in §49.128 , §50.12
NEW section
Fri Dec 22 13:47:42 2017 Iowa Code 2018, Section 50.51 (0, 0)

Of course, it doesn’t matter, as far as President Trump is concerned, but in theory, evidence of fraud could “invalidate” some of the other wins down ticket.  Case in point, many Iowans are suspicious of CD-02 Cindy Axne’s win over David Young.  Then there’s the matter of the squeaker in the Miller-Meeks vs Hart race in CD-02.  Who else is in office today that did not earn their seat?

So who were responsible for writing and passing this into law?  Here are some clues…



Reported correctly enrolled, signed by Speaker and President and sent to Governor on 03 May 2017.  Governor signed it on 05 May 2017

Terry E. Branstad, Governor (Republican)
Governor (Republican)
Kim Reynolds, Lt Governor (Republican)
Lt Governor (Republican)
President of the Senate (S-19 Polk County, Republican)
President of the Senate
(S-19 Polk County, Republican)
Linda L. Upmeyer, Speaker of the House (H-54 Cerro Gordo County, Republican)
Speaker of the House
(H-54 Cerro Gordo Co, Republican)
Roby Smith< Senate Manager (S-47 Scott County, Republican)
Senate Manager
(S-47 Scott County, Republican)
Ken Rizer, House Manager (H-68 Linn County, Republican)
House Manager
(H-68 Linn County, Republican)
51 Lobbyists Came A'Calling!
51 Lobbyists Came A’Calling!

State Government Subcommittee, Senate

Between 02 Mar 2017 and 13 Apr 2017, from introduction to passing through the Senate

Roby Smith,Senate Manager (S-47 Scott County, Republican)
Committee Chair
S-47 Scott County, Republican
Jake Chapman (S-10 Dallas County, Republican)
S-10 Dallas County, Republican
Tony Bisignano (S-17 Polk County, Democrat)
S-17 Polk County, Democrat

State Government Subcommittee, House

Between 02 Mar 2017 and 10 Apr 2017, from introduction to passing through the House

Ken Rizer, House Manager (H-68 Linn County, Republican)
Committee Chair,
H-96 Jones County, Republican
Lee Hein (H-96 Jones County, Republican)
H-96 Jones County, Republican
Kevin Koester (H-38 Polk County, Republican)
H-38 Polk County, Republican
Vicki S. Lensing (H-85 Johnson County, Democrat)
H-85 Johnson County, Democrat
Cindy Winckler (H-90 Scott County, Democrat)
H-90 Scott County, Democrat

After back and forth between House and Senate, the final Bill was signed into law by the following: Linda Upmeyer, Speaker of the House; Jack Whitver, President of the Senate and by Governor Terry E. Branstad.  This Bill was managed in the Senate by Sen Roby Smith, Chair of Senate State Government Committee and in the House by Rep Ken Rizer (H-68 Linn County, Republican), Chair of House State Government Committee.

Senate voted to adopt and pass HF 516 on 13 Apr 2017 as follows:

NOTE: Gray italics = out of office & replaced by successorFeenstra/Hinson were replaced, but now serve in DC.  Each of the hyperlinks are customized to open an email with the subject line prefilled depending on their particular status.

Senate Yeas, 28 (28 Rs & 0 Ds):  
Voted in 2017 2021 Succesor Voted in 2017 2021 Succesor
Bill Anderson (R) S-3, Woodbury
 (01/09/2017 – 11/01/2017)
Jim Carlin (R) S-03, Woodbury Craig Johnson (R) S-32, Buchanan
Jerry Behn (R) S-24, Boone Jesse Green (R) S-24, Webster Tim L. Kapucian (R) S-38, Benton Dawn Driscoll (R) S-38, Iowa
Michael Breitbach (R) S-28, Clayton Mike Klimesh (R) S-28, Winneshiek Tim Kraayenbrink (R) S-05, Webster
Waylon Brown (R) S-26, Mitchell Mark S. Lofgren (R) S-46, Muscatine
Jake Chapman (R) S-10, Dallas his subcommittee wrote/approved the Senate draft Ken Rozenboom (R) S-40, Mahaska
Mark Chelgren (R) S-41, Wapello Adrian Dickey (R) S-41, Jefferson Charles Schneider (R) S-22, Dallas Sarah Trone Garriott (D) S-22, Polk
Mark Costello (R) S-12, Mills Jason Schultz (R) S-09, Crawford
Dan Dawson (R) S-8, Pottawattamie Mark Segebart (R) S-6, Crawford Craig Williams (R) S-06, Carroll
Bill Dix (R) S-25, Hardin
 (01/09/2017 – 03/12/2018)
Annette Sweeney (R) S-25, Hardin Tom Shipley (R) S-11, Adams
Jeff Edler (R) S-36, Marshall Amy Sinclair (R) S-14, Wayne
Randy Feenstra (R) S-2, Sioux Jeff Taylor (R) S-02, Sioux Roby Smith (R) S-47, Scott as Chair & Bill Manger, his subcommittee wrote/approved the Senate draft and he signed & forwarded to Senate at large to accept
Julian B. Garrett (R) S-13, Warren Jack Whitver (R) S-19, Polk
Thomas A. Greene (R) S-44, Des Moines Tim Goodwin (R) S-44, Des Moines Brad Zaun (R) S-20, Polk
Dennis Guth (R) S-4, Hancock Dan Zumbach (R) S-48, Delaware
Senate Nays, 21 (21 Ds & 0 Rs):  
Voted in 2017 2021 Succesor Voted in 2017 2021 Succesor
Chaz Allen (D) S-15, Jasper Zach Nunn (R) S-15, Polk Pam Jochum (D) S-50, Dubuque
Tony Bisignano (D) S-17, Polk his subcommittee wrote/approved the Senate draft David Johnson (I) S-1, Osceola Zach Whiting (R) S-01, Dickinson
Joe Bolkcom (D) S-43, Johnson Kevin Kinney (D) S-39, Johnson
Nate Boulton (D) S-16, Polk Jim Lykam (D) S-45, Scott
Tod R. Bowman (D) S-29, Jackson Carrie Koelker (R) S-29, Dubuque Liz Mathis (D) S-34, Linn
Jeff Danielson (D) S-30, Black Hawk Eric Giddens (D) S-30, Black Hawk Matt McCoy (D) S-21, Polk Claire Celsi (D) S-21, Polk
William A. Dotzler Jr. (D) S-31, Black Hawk Janet Petersen (D) S-18, Polk
Robert E. Dvorsky (D) S-37, Johnson Zach Wahls (D) S-37, Johnson Herman C. Quirmbach (D) S-23, Story
Rita Hart (D) S-49, Clinton Chris Cournoyer (R) S-49, Scott Amanda Ragan (D) S-27, Cerro Gordo
Robert Hogg (D) S-33, Linn Rich Taylor (D) S-42, Henry Jeff Reichman (R) S-42, Lee
Wally E. Horn (D) S-35, Linn Todd E. Taylor (D) S-35, Linn  
Senate Absent, 1:
Rick Bertrand (R) S-7, Woodbury Jackie Smith (D) S-07, Woodbury

The bill, having received a constitutional majority, was declared to have passed the Senate and the title was agreed to.
President Whitver introduced to the Senate chamber, the Honorable Joni K. Ernst, former Iowa State Senator and current U.S. Senator.  The Senate rose and expressed its welcome. 

Mere coincidence that Joni picked that day and time to visit, or was she invited out of her concern for “Election Integrity”???

House voted to adopt and pass HF 516 on 10 Apr 2017 as follows:

NOTE: Gray italics = out of office & replaced by successorFeenstra/Hinson were replaced, but now serve in DC.  Each of the hyperlinks are customized to open an email with the subject line prefilled depending on their particular status.

House Yeas, 56 (55 Rs, 0 Ds):  
Voted in 2017 2021 Successor Voted in 2017 2021 Successor
Rob Bacon (R) H-048, Story Bobby Kaufmann (R) H-73, Cedar
Chip Baltimore (R) H-47, Boone Phil Thompson (R) H-047, Greene David Kerr (R) H-88, Louisa
Clel Baudler (R) H-20, Adair Ray Sorensen (R) H-020, Adair Kevin Koester (R) H-38, Polk his subcommittee wrote/approved the House draft
Garrett Gobble (R) H-038, Polk
Terry C. Baxter (R) H-8, Hancock John Landon (R) H-37, Polk John R. Landon (R) H-037, Polk
Michael Bergan (R) H-055, Winneshiek Shannon Lundgren (R) H-57, Dubuque
Brian Best (R) H-12, Carroll Dave Maxwell (R) H-076, Poweshiek
Jim Carlin (R) H-6, Woodbury Andy McKean (R) H-58, Jones Steven P. Bradley (R) H-058, Jones
Gary Carlson (R) H-91, Muscatine Mark Cisneros (R) H-091, Muscatine Gary Mohr (R) H-094, Scott
Peter Cownie (R) H-42, Polk Kristin Sunde (D) H-042, Polk Norlin Mommsen (R) H-97, Clinton
Dave Deyoe (R) H-49, Story Tom Moore (R) H-021, Cass
Cecil Dolecheck (R) H-24, Ringgold Zach Nunn (R) H-30, Polk Brian K. Lohse (R) H-030, Polk
Dean Fisher (R) H-72, Tama Ross Paustian (R) H-092, Scott
Joel Fry (R) H-27, Clarke Dawn E. Pettengill (R) H-75, Benton Thomas D. Gerhold (R) H-075, Benton
Tedd Gassman (R) H-7, Winnebago Henry Stone (R) H-007, Winnebago Ken Rizer (R) H-68, Linn; as Manager, his subcommittee wrote/approved the House draft, then signed and forwarded to the House at large for passage
 (01/09/2017 – 05/25/2018)
Molly Donahue (D) H-068, Linn
Pat Grassley (R) H-50, Butler Walt Rogers (R) H-60, Black Hawk Dave Williams (D) H-060, Black Hawk
Stan Gustafson (R) H-25, Madison Sandy Salmon (R) H-63, Black Hawk
Chris Hagenow (R) H-43, Polk Jennifer Konfrst (D) H-043, Polk Mike Sexton (R) H-10, Calhoun
Kristi Hager (R) H-56, Allamakee Anne Osmundson (R) H-056, Clayton Larry Sheets (R) H-80, Appanoose Holly Brink (R) H-080, Mahaska
Mary Ann Hanusa (R) H-16, Pottawattamie Brent Siegrist (R) H-016, Pottawattamie David Sieck (R) H-23, Mills
Greg Heartsill (R) H-28, Marion Jon Thorup (R) H-028, Marion Rob Taylor (R) H-44, Dallas Kenan Judge (D) H-044, Dallas
David E. Heaton (R) H-84, Henry Joe Mitchell (R) H-084, Henry Speaker Linda L. Upmeyer (R) H-54, Cerro Gordo Shannon Latham (R) H-054, Franklin
Lee Hein (R) H-96, Jones his subcommittee wrote/approved the House draft Guy Vander Linden (R) H-79, Mahaska Dustin D. Hite (R) H-079, Mahaska
Jake Highfill (R) H-39, Polk Eddie Andrews (R) H-039, Polk Ralph C. Watts (R) H-19, Dallas Carter F. Nordman (R) H-019, Dallas
Ashley Hinson (R) H-67, Linn Eric Gjerde (D) H-067, Linn Skyler Wheeler (R) H-4, Sioux
Steven Holt (R) H-18, Crawford John H. Wills (R) H-1, Dickinson
Chuck Holz (R) H-5, Plymouth Tom Jeneary (R) H-005, Plymouth Gary Worthan (R) H-11, Buena Vista
Daniel A. Huseman (R) H-3, Cherokee Dennis Bush (R) H-003, Cherokee Louie Zumbach (R) H-95, Linn Charlie McClintock (R) H-095, Linn
Megan Jones (R) H-2, Clay Presiding, Matt W. Windschitl (R) H-17, Harrison
House Nays, 40 (21 Ds & 0 Rs):  
Voted in 2017 2021 Succesor Voted in 2017 2021 Succesor
Ako Abdul-Samad (D) H-35, Polk Vicki S. Lensing (D) H-85, Johnson her subcommittee wrote/approved the House draft
Christina Bohannan (D) H-085, Johnson
Marti Anderson (D) H-36, Polk Mary Mascher (D) H-86, Johnson
Bruce Bearinger (D) H-064, Fayette Chad Ingels (R) H-064, Fayette Charlie McConkey (D) H-15, Pottawattamie
Liz Bennett (D) H-65, Linn Brian Meyer (D) H-33, Polk
Wes Breckenridge (D) H-29, Jasper Helen Miller (D) H-9, Webster Ann Meyer (R) H-009, Webster
Timi Brown-Powers (D) H-61, Black Hawk Amy Nielsen (D) H-77, Johnson
Dennis M. Cohoon (D) H-87, Des Moines Jo Oldson (D) H-41, Polk
Abby Finkenauer (D) H-99, Dubuque
 (01/09/2017 – 01/02/2019)
Lindsay James (D) H-099, Dubuque Rick Olson (D) H-31, Polk Rick L. Olson (D) H-031, Polk
John Forbes (D) H-40, Polk Scott Ourth (D) H-26, Warren Brooke Boden (R) H-026, Warren
Ruth Ann Gaines (D) H-032, Polk Todd Prichard (D) H-52, Floyd
Mary Gaskill (D) H-81, Wapello Cherielynn Westrich (R) H-081, Wapello Kirsten Running-Marquardt (D) H-69, Linn
Chris Hall (D) H-13, Woodbury Mark Smith (D) H-71, Marshall Sue Cahill (D) H-071, Marshall
Lisa Heddens (D) H-46, Story Ross Wilburn (D) H-046, Story Ras Smith (D) H-062, Black Hawk
Bruce L. Hunter (D) H-034, Polk Art Staed (D) H-66, Linn
Charles Isenhart (D) H-100, Dubuque Sharon S. Steckman (D) H-053, Cerro Gordo
Dave Jacoby (D) H-74, Johnson Todd E. Taylor (D) H-70, Linn
Timothy Kacena (D) H-14, Woodbury Steven Hansen (D) H-014, Woodbury Phyllis Thede (D) H-93, Scott
Jerry A. Kearns (D) H-83, Lee Martin L. Graber (R) H-083, Lee Beth Wessel-Kroeschell (D) H-45, Story
Bob Kressig (D) H-59, Black Hawk Cindy Winckler (D) H-90, Scott her subcommittee wrote/approved the House draft
Monica Kurth (D) H-89, Scott Mary Lynn Wolfe (D) H-98, Clinton
House Absent, 4 (3 Rs, 1 D):
Jane Bloomingdale (R) H-51, Worth Curt Hanson (D) H-82, Jefferson
 (01/09/2017 – 06/16/2017)
Jeff Shipley (R) H-082, Van Buren
Greg Forristall (R) H-44, Pottawatta
 (01/09/2017 – 05/10/2017)
Jon Jacobsen (R) H-022, Pottawattamie Jarad J. Klein (R) H-78, Washington

The bill having received a constitutional majority was declared to have passed the House and the title, as amended, was agreed to.



The origination of Section 50.51 is first found in House Study Bill (HSB) 93, then became House File (HF) 516 : 

02/09/2017  Subcommittee: Ken Rizer, House Manager (H-68 Linn County, Republican); Lee Hein (H-96 Jones County, Republican); Kevin Koester (H-38 Polk County, Republican); Vicki S. Lensing (H-85 Johnson County, Democrat) and Cindy Winckler (H-90 Scott County, Democrat). H.J. 263.
02/23/2017   Subcommittee Meeting: 02/27/2017 11:00AM RM 102, Sup. Ct. Consult

02/28/2017   Committee report, recommending amendment and passage. H.J. 494.

And in the Senate Study Bill (SSB1163):

02/23/2017  Subcommittee: Roby Smith, Committee Chair (S-47 Scott County, Republican), Jake Chapman (S-10 Dallas County, Republican), and Tony Bisignano (S-17 Polk County, Democrat).
02/28/2017  Subcommittee Meeting: 03/01/2017 10:00AM RM 116
03/01/2017  Subcommittee recommends amendment and passage.

Senate File 474 is then introduced:

03/21/2017  Fiscal note, prepared by Election Integrity, Secretary of State. Interesting note, with voting stats, worth reading.
03/23/2017  Withdrawn. S.J. 754.
03/23/2017  HF 516 substituted. S.J. 748.
03/23/2017  Amendment S-3228 filed, adopted. S.J. 748.

If you find anything else of interest in the bill or law, please share by commenting below.




A total of 51 Lobbyists shepherded this bill through the House: (Color Code: Both House & Senate and House Only)

The list of lobbyists registered during the formulation of HSB 93: Amy Campbell (AARP Iowa), Anthony Carroll (AARP Iowa), Craig Patterson (AARP Iowa), Kent Sovern (AARP Iowa), Alex Drzycimski (AFSCME Iowa Council 61), Morgan Miller (AFSCME Iowa Council 61), Daniel Zeno (American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa (ACLU-IA)), Pete McRoberts (American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa (ACLU-IA)), Rita Bettis Austen (American Civil Liberties Union of Iowa (ACLU-IA)), Thomas Jochum (Central Iowa Building Construction Trades Council), Wendy Abrahamson (Episcopal Diocese of Iowa), Marty Ryan (Fawkes-Lee & Ryan Inc.), Stephanie Fawkes-Lee (Fawkes-Lee & Ryan Inc.), Connie Ryan (Interfaith Alliance of Iowa Action Fund), Bob Ward (Iowa Annual Conference of United Methodist Church), Brian Carter (Iowa Annual Conference of United Methodist Church), Gary Nims (Iowa Annual Conference of United Methodist Church), Kathleen McQuillen (Iowa Annual Conference of United Methodist Church), Rita Carter (Iowa Annual Conference of United Methodist Church), Sheila Corsbie (Iowa Annual Conference of United Methodist Church), Walden Paige (Iowa Annual Conference of United Methodist Church), William Steward (Iowa Annual Conference of United Methodist Church), David Palmer (Iowa Association of Community College Trustees (IACCT)), Emily Shields (Iowa Association of Community College Trustees (IACCT)), Larry Murphy (Iowa Catholic Conference), Meghan Malloy (Iowa Catholic Conference), Tom Chapman (Iowa Catholic Conference), Deborah Neustadt (Iowa Chapter of Sierra Club), Neila Seaman (Iowa Chapter of Sierra Club), Bridget Fagan-Reidburn (Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Action Fund), Laura Hessburg (Iowa Coalition Against Domestic Violence), Deborah Thompson (Iowa Dept. of Public Health), Mikel Derby (Iowa Dept. of Transportation), Rik Shannon (Iowa Developmental Disabilities Council), Charlie Wishman (Iowa Federation of Labor, AFL-CIO), Andrew Lietzow (Iowa Landlord Association), Robert Ussery (Iowa Minuteman Civil Defense Corps), Jamie Cashman (Iowa State Association of Counties), Kristi Harshbarger (Iowa State Association of Counties), Lucas Beenken (Iowa State Association of Counties), William Peterson (Iowa State Association of Counties), Heidi Burhans (Iowa State Association of County Auditors), Brad Hudson (Iowa State Education Association), Melissa Peterson (Iowa State Education Association), Mitch Henry (League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)), Gary Grant (Linn County Board of Supervisors), Daniel Hoffman-Zinnel (One Iowa Action), Keenan Crow (One Iowa Action), Erin Cubit (Planned Parenthood of the Heartland), Erin Davison-Rippey (Planned Parenthood of the Heartland), Jamie Burch (Planned Parenthood of the Heartland)

Enquiring minds want to know… Why are Iowa State employees “lobbying” the State on certain bills, especially when it is out of scope to their mission?  It’s one thing to call employees to give expert testimony, but to lobby?  Something to look into?


Reference To Applicable Laws On The Books

§50.50 Administrative recounts. (As of 2017, prior to New insertion of 50.51 at the top) Code Notes: Referred to in §50.12 Published: Wed Feb 08 02:56:42 2017 in  Iowa Code 2017, Section 50.50 (9, 0)
Note: §50.51 Election Audits did not yet exist until published Fri Dec 22 13:47:42 in 2017 Iowa Code 2018, Section 50.51 (0, 0); §50.50 Administrative recounts is then annotated as “Referred to in §50.12 , §50.51, Section not amended; unnumbered paragraphs 1 and 2 editorially numbered as subsections 1 and 2” and republished Fri Dec 22 13:47:42 2017 Iowa Code 2018, Section 50.50 (12, 2)

The commissioner who was responsible for conducting an election may request an
administrative recount when the commissioner suspects that voting equipment used in the
election malfunctioned or that programming errors may have affected the outcome of the
election, or if the precinct election officials report counting errors to the commissioner after
the conclusion of the canvass of votes in the precinct. An administrative recount shall be
conducted by the board of the special precinct established by section 53.23 . Bond shall not
be required for an administrative recount. The state commissioner may adopt rules for
administrative recounts.
If the recount board finds that there is an error in the programming of any voting equipment
which may have affected the outcome of the election for any office or public measure on the
ballot, the recount board shall describe the errors in its report to the commissioner . The
commissioner shall notify the board of supervisors. The supervisors shall determine whether
to order an administrative recount for any or all of the offices and public measures on the

97 Acts, ch 170, §59 ; 2002 Acts, ch 1134, §49, 115


A Silver Lining…Standing…

CHAPTER 57 CONTESTING ELECTIONS — GENERAL PROVISIONS:  Published: Tue Dec 13 08:02:13 2016, Iowa Code 2017, Chapter 57 (8, 0)

57.1 Standing to bring contest — grounds for contest.  Referred to in §62.5

2. Grounds for contesting an election under this chapter are:
a. Misconduct, fraud or corruption on the part of any election official or of any board of canvassers of sufficient magnitude to change the result of the election.

e. That illegal votes have been received or legal votes rejected at the polls, sufficient to change the result of the election.
f . Any error in any board of canvassers in counting the votes, or in declaring the result of the election, if the error would affect the result.

h. Any other cause or allegation which, if sustained, would show that a person other
than the incumbent was the person duly elected to the office in question, or would show the
outcome of the election on the public measure in question was contrary to the result declared
by the board of canvassers

[C51, §339, 341, 368, 380, 387; R60, §569, 571, 598, 610, 617; C73, §692, 718, 730, 737; C97,§1198; C24, 27, 31, 35, 39, §981; C46, 50, 54, 58, 62, 66, 71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, §57.1 ; 81 Acts, ch 34, §39 ]
86 Acts, ch 1112, §3 ; 2002 Acts, ch 1134, §72, 115

57.4 Change of result.

When the misconduct, fraud, or corruption complained of is on the part of the precinct election officials in a precinct, it shall not be held sufficient to set aside the election, unless the rejection of the vote of that precinct would change the result as to that office.

[C51, §342; R60, §572; C73, §694; C97, §1200; C24, 27, 31, 35, 39, §984; C46, 50, 54, 58, 62, 66, 71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, §57.4 ]


CHAPTER 60 CONTESTING ELECTIONS OF PRESIDENTIAL ELECTORS AND CONGRESSPERSONS:  Referred to in §50.12, Published Tue Dec 13 08:02:15 2016 Iowa Code 2017, Chapter 60

60.1 Court of contest.

The court for the trial of contested elections for presidential electors or for the office of senator or representative in Congress shall consist of the chief justice of the supreme court, who shall be presiding judge of the court, and four judges of the district court to be selected by the supreme court, two of whom, with the chief justice, shall constitute a quorum for the transaction of the business of the court. If the chief justice should for any cause be unable to attend at the trial, the judge longest on the supreme court bench shall preside in place of the chief justice; and any question arising as to the membership of the court shall be determined by the members of the court not interested in the question.

[C97, §1246; C24, 27, 31, 35, 39, §1000; C46, 50, 54, 58, 62, 66, 71, 73, 75, 77, 79, 81, §60.1

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