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Iowa CD-01 Representative Ashley Hinson (R)

06 January 2021

Her published statements as follows:

The text of the United States Constitution, and the Twelfth Amendment in particular, is clear. With respect to presidential elections, there is no authority for Congress to make value judgments in the abstract regarding any state’s election laws or the manner in which they have been implemented. Nor does Congress have discretion to disqualify electors based on its own finding that fraud occurred in that state’s election. Congress has one job here: to count electoral votes that have in fact been cast by any state, as designated by those authorized to do so under state law.

As of this moment, not a single state has submitted multiple conflicting slates of electoral votes. In other words, every state has sent either (a) Biden electors, or (b) Trump electors. Of the six states as to which questions have been raised, five have legislatures that are controlled by Republicans, and they all have the power to send a new slate of electoral votes to Congress if they deem such action appropriate under state law. Unless that happens between now and January 6, 2021, Congress will have no authority to influence the outcome of the 2020 presidential election.

To take action otherwise – that is, to unconstitutionally insert Congress into the center of the presidential election process – would amount to stealing power from the people and the states. It would, in effect, replace the electoral college with Congress, and in so doing strengthen the efforts of those on the left who are determined to eliminate it or render it irrelevant.

She is correct about the 12th Amendment, which was ratified in 1808, in her joint statement, however, the 12th Amendment only supersedes Clause 3 of Article II, Section I.  The rest of Article II, in conjunction with previously discussed Electoral Count Act of 1877 and the Guarantee Clause, Rep Hinson may have found a basis with which to stand with the 147 other Republican colleagues that did object.  Furthermore, she states that “As of this moment, not a single state has submitted multiple conflicting slates of electoral votes”.  This is not an accurate statement, as reported by Epoch Times.

Hinson added: “President Trump accomplished so much for Iowa and America. I will continue to advocate for the policies he championed that helped hardworking people. I will be a fierce supporter, as he has been, of tax cuts, responsible energy policy, and protecting life, among other conservative priorities that matter to Iowans.”

That’s a nice statement of support for President Trump delivering on his promises with 606 specific acts of accomplishments., in a “bless his heart sort of way…

Hinson re Cheney

Yet how does one reconcile her statement of support for President Trump with Hinson’s vote of confidence, on 03 Feb 21, to keep Liz Cheney as #3 GOP leader?  Then her flip-flop to oust Cheney a few months later, on 06 May 21, while still respecting Liz?  That’s a pretty slick way to hedge bets while standing for nothing.  “First I was for Liz, until I wasn’t, after I found out how much the base despises her”?  Then there’s this nugget; “Hinson also had been mentioned as a potential candidate for the conference chair post by the Washington political newsletter Punchbowl News, which said that “Hinson’s TV experience means she’d be a good fit as the party’s top messenger.”  Yes, but what’s the message?

I would suggest that Liz was promoted to #3 as reward for undermining President Trump at key junctures.  Which increasingly upset the base, but the final straw was voting to impeach him.  The vote of confidence to keep her on as #3 added insult to injury, but the House Minority Leader, Kevin McCarthy, didn’t care until he was exposed for living with NeverTrumper Frank Luntz who lobbies for Big Tech.  Ever wonder why the GOP are tone deaf?  Because lobbyists have a death grip on their ears.  If Liz hadn’t doubled-down on the “Big Lie”, she would have kept her job, but McCarthy wants nothing more than to win the Speaker of House position after the 2022 elections, so he threw Liz under the bus. 

[Forwarded from Brian Cates – Political Columnist (Brian Cates)]
Remember: if Lindell proves beyond a reasonable doubt that he has what he claims he does, it would instantly trigger the prescribed actions enumerated in this Executive Order that is still in force:

What prescribed actions, you ask? The ones listed here:


Time is running out for Rep Hinson to get off the fence or get run over by the Audit Train.


UPDATE 28 August 2021

The 1st Annual Ashley Hinson BBQ hosted at the Linn County Fairgrounds in Central City on 28 August 2021.  Doors opened at 12 noon and around 1pm, Ashley made her speech, followed by her guests of honor who campaigned for her.

Hinson announces that she’s running for re-election and gives the usual platitudes about fighting for us.  That we need to take back control of Congress next year and fire Nancy Pelosi.  But not a word about 03 November 2020 nor 06 January 2021.  How are we assured that our votes, assuming they’re for her will count if we don’t resolve the 2020 elections?

Next up, Governor Reynolds campaigning for Hinson. Touts her fight against Biden admin.  Calls on Iowans to send Hinson back to DC in 2022.

Next up, the “Father of going to all 99 Counties each year” campaigns for Hinson to fire Nancy Pelosi.  Grassley then bemoans the chaos in Afghanistan and the deaths of 13 soldiers.  He also notes that all federal departments, except for DOD and DHS received large increases in their baseline budget.  But no acknowledgment of his role in quickly confirming Biden’s cabinet picks, including Merrick Garland for AG, Lloyd Austin for Secretary of Defense, who needed a security clearance waiver, Antony Blinken for Secretary of State and all the other demonrat flunkies that filled out the cabinet.  Not a single pick was objected to nor vote withheld.

Next up, Miller-Meeks from IA CD-02. Cites her 24 years as a veteran and is angry about what the Biden Administration did in Afghanistan.  She talks about going back to Washington, DC and that we need to send Hinson and Grassley back next year.  But again, no mention of 03 November 2021 and 06 January.  Perhaps if she had joined the 147 other Republicans that challenged the certification of Biden, instead of hiding behind the 12th Amendment, notwithstanding other amendments and federal law that did provide a pathway for challenging the certification, we would not have had the disgraceful exit from Afghanistan.  By not wanting to disenfranchise the fake votes for Biden or the few that voted for him, her decision disenfranchised the 70 million plus that did vote for Trump and other GOP Senators and US Representatives that were indeed robbed of their duly elected to offices which would have put the Republicans in the majority of both Houses of Congress.

Next up, Ronna McDaniel, RNC Chairperson.  The same RNC that fundraised on the stolen election and on President Trump’s name, in spite of a cease and desist request to stop using his name.  Ronna promises we will take back the House and Senate in 2022 and again in 2024.  A tall order if we don’t understand what happened in 2020 and take all necessary steps to ensure it doesn’t happen again.

Headliner Sen Ted Cruz, winner of Iowa 2016 Republican caucuses, closes out the event.  Starts out by saying Iowa will lead the way to taking our country back in 2022, thanks to incredible leaders, Chuck Grassley & Joni Ernst. He also praises Governor Reynolds for fighting back against lock-downs.  Our Congressional delegates, Hinson, Feenstra and Miller-Meeks.  People cheer his assertion that the CCP is evil, yet don’t seem to make the connection that the CCP owns much of Iowa’s agribusiness, meat producers, alternative power such as batteries, solar panels & windmills.  Cruz knocks Biden for not having a plan for drawing down Afghanistan. 


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