Computer Fraud Goes Back To 2004

Audit The Vote, Iowa (ATVIA) is dedicated to provide a place for Iowans to get/share information with the goal of getting the 2020 election audited in all 99 counties. Because the controversial machines were 100% used in every precinct, we need to know whether or not any elected official was selected, instead of elected. This is not a partisan issue, if you as a democrat, independent, republican or even a Bernie Bro, you deserve to have your vote counted exactly the way you intended.

Bottomline, all 99 counties are run by these insecure voting machine companies.  Contrary to popular opinion, they are not run by County Auditors, they are run by a federal entity;

Here is the 2020 Charter Election Infrastructure Subsector Government Coordinating Council Charter-2-9-2020 as shown above. Keep in mind that Sector Coordinating Councils(SCC) are from the private sector and are members of Critical Infrastructure Partnership Advisory Council (CIPAC).

Essentially, the EISCC is a council made up of members from the private sector that advises and assists our government with the “physical security, cyber security, and emergency preparedness of the nations election infrastructure”. They do this through “voluntary actions of the infrastructure owners and operators REPRESENTED in the council”.

This means that the members of the EISCC are the actual election infrastructure owners and operators, and they handle the physical security along with the cybersecurity through their own “voluntary actions”.

The full details are available at PatelPatriot’s Devolution Part 5 here. You need to read the whole thing to fully appreciate the fact that all of this is “legal” due to a series of laws passed shortly after 9/11 and further defined when the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) was established in 2002.  What a misnomer, anything but homeland security.

As for Iowa, we are all probably aware of  Democrat chicanery dealing with coin tosses at the caucuses.  Just google “Iowa Caucus Coin Toss” for a bunch of videos showing how coin tosses were used to flip precinct caucuses for Hillary or other candidates and to steal votes from Bernie.

But funny games and shady deals are not limited to the democrat party, the republicans have their share, such as Ron Paul losing controversial votes in 2008 and again in 2012.  This video from November 2007, goes to show that the electronic voting machines were already a problem back then and still are to this day.  In fact, while much of the talk surrounding the 2020 election is about Dominion, Unisyn and ES&S; it was ES&S, Diebold, Hart Intercivic and Sequoia that ruled the roost going back to 2004.  If Hart sounds vaguely familiar, it’s because Mitt Romney’s son Tagg runs Solamere Capital, an investment firm that has “connections” to Hart.  I’ll leave it to you to determine, from the 2012 Forbes article, just how much is fake news and how much is deflection.  Soooo, I wonder what Trump meant when he tweeted back then that Romney threw the election?  Hmmm.

Anyway, back to the Ron Paul video.  Pay attention because the narrator, Jim Condit, Jr, goes on to claim that 96% of all elections were counted in secret by the aforementioned 4 companies. Coincidentally, at the 51 second mark, Condit compares Michael Chertoff to Lenin in taking control of the media.  Something that we know now but Condit probably didn’t know is that Chertoff, as head of DHS, signed an exclusive agreement with the private voting machine companies that essentially gave them carte blanche to operate in any way they see fit without government oversight.  This exclusive charter was renewed every 2 years since 2006 and last renewed in November 2020, shortly after the elections.

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